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Air Con

Our fully qualified technicians have specialist air conditioning training to keep your air conditioning working well throughout the year.

What is air conditioning?

You air condition does more than just keeping the inside of your car cool. When working properly, your air condition helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and any airborne bacteria that may be present, greatly improving the quality of the air inside your vehicle. Your air conditioning keeps your car cool in the summer and helps to demist your windows in the winter.

Is maintenance necessary?

The air conditioning system will build up mould if not used regularly. Every year you will also lose a minimum of 10% of your refrigerant gas from the system. It is recommended to get your air con checked every two years.

What do we offer?

Air Con Re-gas

An air con re gas consists of removing the old gas and oil from the system. We then replenish it with the gas and oil recommended by manufacturer's specifications and a UV dye is inserted into the system to view any future leaks that may occur.

Air Con Service

An air con service includes and air con re gas and more. Not only is your vehicle regassed, a UV dye is inserted into the system to view any future leaks that may occur. We add an antibacterial cleaner, which removes any odours and harmful bacteria build-up.

Air Con System Repairs Specialist

We can repair your air conditioning system if a fault develops.

Why use us?

  • Car air conditioning recharge and service
  • Excellent prices
  • Repair to air conditioning systems
  • Experienced, highly trained technicians
  • Trust, knowledge & expertise
  • Dye injection Leak testing and fault diagnosis
  • Odour, bad smell removal

No appointment necessary for recharging your air conditioning system - just call in anytime Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm and we will regas while you wait - takes approx 50 minutes.